Feeding our worms


We feed our worms a mix of finished animal manure compost mixed with used animal bedding. The location of our farm in an agricultural area makes procuring this feedstock easy with minimal transportation. In the future, we will be collecting yard waste, restaurant waste, and expired produce from grocery stores and markets. Even when we get to that point though it will all be composted first.

The reason is because worms like their food is broken down. They like it in very fine and small pieces as well. Most of what a worm eats is the bacteria and fungus that is feeding on decomposing material. Composted material is full of these bacteria. 

We run all our compost through a sifter before giving it to the worms. The larger pieces go back to the compost piles to be broken down more and used at a later date. After collecting the sifted material we add a few additives that help the worms eat faster (will go into detail about this in future posts) then we add water until the feed is at the optimum moisture level then we add it to the farm.

By taking the time to process and refine our worm feed we can guarantee the castings our worms produce are uniform and consistent over the whole farm. The fine grain powder consistency of the feed also helps the worms process it faster allowing us to keep up with consumer demand for our castings.

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